We welcome Non-Japanese clients too!


As we have many army bases in Okinawa there are many foreigns people especially American people. Once you come to Okinawa you want to come back again to see this beautiful island...


We see many non-Japanese people are living here in Okinawa for good.

We Appreciate are here to help you to build your house with Japanese traditional timber flamed.


There are many rein-forced concrete houses in Okinawa. There were many old timber flamed houses about 50 years ago, however once concret house were brought from America, Okinawa people were amazed about its strength then people started to build concet houses since then.


We Appeciate think the concret houses are stong, it's true. But how about timber flamed houses? Aren't they strong?

The timber flamed has old history and many houses in other area in Japan (Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu) are built by timber flamed.

The timber lamed houses has many good things, for examples,